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We're constantly purchasing new stock and are interested in record collections of all shapes and sizes. We currently specialise in used 7" records so collections that are made up of a majority of pre-owned singles are what we're particularly looking for. However, we'll consider any collection so don't hesitate to send us some details below! 

Got any questions?  Go to our FAQs on selling your collection


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We'd love to know some more about the kind of condition of both the sleeves & records themselves, as well as a selection of the artists included in the collection
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FAQs - Selling Your collection

Do you travel to view collections?

Yes! If the collection is large enough we will travel to view the collection to gauge the quantity, quality and diversity. We know how difficult it can be to do justice to a collection of thousands of records, and there really isn't anything better than seeing the selection 'in the flesh'.  

Much more likely, however, is that we will agree a price in principle based on the information you've provided us and given everything is as described, payment will be made upon collection of the items. We will travel all over the country looking for fantastic collections to add to our shelves, so wherever you are, don't hesitate to send us the details. 


How much do you pay?

This is dependent on so many factors it is impossible to answer in a few short lines. Obviously, a pristine, unplayed, small collection is a very different prospect to a large, heavily used one. Below are a selection of the criteria we will use to determine the offer made:

  • The condition of both the records & the sleeves
  • The proportion of records in picture/company sleeves as opposed to plain white sleeves/unsleeved
  • Quantity (overall size of the collection) 
  • Collectability
  • Provenance
  • Location

The one thing you can count on is that our offers will be very competitive and we will be transparent, fair and honest throughout a transaction which we'll attempt to make as easy as possible for you. 


Offered a better price?

Get in touch! It might not always be possible, but if you receive a better offer for your collection let us know and we may be able to improve on it. 


Where are you located?

We are based in Somerset. 


If I leave my phone number are you going to call me 5 times a day until I sell you my collection, or pass it on to other people?

Absolutely not.

Initially, we'll always get back to you by email but after initial conversations, it may make more sense to speak on the phone. That is the only time we will call you and we will call at a mutually agreed time.

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