Price Guarantee

We want to make our website the best place for record lovers like you to find and buy used records. We already provide free delivery within the UK and reward you with loyalty points on every purchase, but now we want to go further.


That's where our PRICE GUARANTEE comes in.


Price is important, which is why we've shaved money off every single one of the 50,000 records we currently have in stock, exclusively on our website. You will not find these savings, when buying from Atlas Records, on any other marketplaces.


We're not talking about a few pennies either. On our existing stock, we've knocked over £15,000 off our website prices.


Every Record.

Every Accessory.

Always Best Value at



*We reserve the right to run alternative promotions on different marketplaces which may temporarily lower the prices on other marketplaces below those available on our website. However, the regular price will never be undercut on these marketplaces and we'll always save our most generous discounting exclusively for customers using our website.