Our Packaging

First, we brought you fast, free delivery along with free returns and now it's time to say goodbye to flimsy mailers as we bring you the strongest, sturdiest record mailers in the business. We know how important it is for your records to reach you in one piece, in exactly the same condition as when they left us. That's why we've chosen these brand new mailers, supplied by our friends over at Lil Packaging - they are simply the best out there and provide unrivalled strength and protection.


Their easy-open tear strips make unwrapping simple, so there's no need to risk damaging your record as you fight your way into the envelope. On top of that, records fit snugly, minimising the danger of scuffed corners, and the unparalleled strength ensures that they days of opening up a record damaged thanks to carelessness in the postal system are well and truly over.


The best bit? They're guaranteed to be 100% recyclable and forest friendly. 


Good for the environment. Great for you.



Recyclable     Easy-open tear strips FSC ® certified Fits Through Letterbox