Where Is My Order?

We know how frustrating it can be when your order doesn't arrive on time, so we've put together a couple of the most common reasons for delayed orders and when to let us know your records haven't arrived.

Wondering what to do if your item hasn't arrived? Take a look here: What To Do Next


Normal Courier Delays

Over 99% of our deliveries are made on, or before time by Royal Mail (our main shipping partner) however, we know that things don't always go to plan.

Systems go wrong, the postman accidentally delivers your post next door or the delivery truck breaks down as it is transporting your order across the country. When there's been a mistake it can take a couple of days to put things right, which is why a 1-2 day delay beyond your estimated delivery can happen without anything sinister going on. Frustrating as it is, these things can happen. 


Extreme Weather

Snow in the UK tends to mean a light dusting on the hills, with a pathetic slush about the worst of it in towns and cities. Every so often though, things can get a bit worse and when they do they provide challenges to both us dispatching your item and our shipping partners delivering it.

Come rain or shine we'll be working, but if there are inches of snow on the roads and they become impassable, couriers may cancel planned collections and put deliveries on hold, which is unfortunately beyond our control. The best we can do in this situation is ensure you know what's going on, which is why we'll pass out relevant information through a number of channels including social media, email updates and notifications on the website

As soon as the weather is clear, we'll be back up to speed very quickly as we work hard to ship any orders where there have been enforced delays. Please bear with us and your delivery men & women as we do this - everyone will be working flat out to put things right.


Often, the only difference snow makes is the postie wearing a couple more layers But every so often snow can cause issues with delivery, like this...

... or this.


What to do next?

Your order is taking longer than you expected (we're sorry!), but what should you do? 


On/Before Estimated Delivery Date

Hold tight! A shipping confirmation email will have been sent when we dispatched your order, so your order is on its way.


1-2 Days After Estimated Delivery Date

If your order hasn't arrived and the estimated delivery date has only just passed, we would encourage you to give it time before contacting us. It is very rare for items to go missing completely and the most common outcome if your order isn't delivered on time, is that it has been slightly delayed and turns up within a couple of days. 

As there is no tracking on our standard service, there isn't much we can do during this window as the most likely outcome is a small delay. Royal Mail doesn't even consider an item lost until 10 working days after an item has been dispatched, so apart from confirming your order has been dispatched, we won't be able to give you any more information/take it up with Royal Mail at this early stage though.

If you've got the shipping confirmation, your order is on its way.


2+ Days After Estimated Delivery Date

Contact Us and we will work quickly to investigate and resolve your problem.