Loyalty Points

For every £1 you spend on our website, you'll get 1 loyalty point to redeem whenever you like.

Loyalty points will only be automatically attributed to your account if you've signed up and are logged in when you check out. If you shop with us as a guest and then sign up for an account, we'll gladly add the loyalty points to your account, just contact us and we'll have them added within 24 hours.

Redeeming them couldn't be simpler. Just check the box "Use Points" on the checkout page and see money fall off your total. Expiry dates? There are none and there never will be, your well-earned loyalty points will remain yours forever! As for a minimum amount of points required before you can redeem your loyalty points, there isn't one of those either so you can redeem your points whether you have 1 or 100. 

Shop with us & collect points in the process. Then check the box on the checkout page and save money. Simple.