Christmas Posting Dates

Last postage for estimated delivery by Christmas is Thursday 21st December, at 12pmif you're ordering within the UK.

While we will send items purchased after this date, we strongly advise that if you need your records delivered before Christmas you complete checkout on (or ideally before) Thursday 21st December or earlier. These recommendations come directly from Royal Mail. 



International Postage Dates

Naturally, international postage dates for Christmas delivery are much earlier than those within the UK. Please take a look at the table below to find the last posting date for Christmas delivery in your part of the world. 



Last Posting Day Last Posting Date Countries
Friday 1st December Africa & Middle East
Wednesday  6th December Cyprus, Malta, Asia, Far East & Eastern Europe (excluding Poland, Czech Republic, & Slovakia)
Thursday  7th December Caribbean, Central & South America
Friday  8th December Greece, Turkey, Australia & New Zealand
Wednesday  13th December Czech Republic, Germany, Italy & Poland
Thursday  14th December       Canada, Finland, Sweden & USA
Friday 15th December Austria. Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Ireland & Luxembourg
Supremely strong Mailers

The days of flimsy mailers and cracked records are over.


We know how important it is for your records to reach you in one piece, in exactly the same condition as when they left us. That's why we've chosen these brand new mailers, supplied by our friends over at Lil Packaging - they are simply the best out there and provide unrivalled strength and protection.


Their easy-open tear strips make unwrapping simple, so there's no need to risk damaging your record as you fight your way into the envelope. On top of that, records fit snugly, minimising the danger of scuffed corners, and the unparalleled strength ensures that they days of opening up a record cracked in the post are over.


The best bit? They're guaranteed to be 100% recyclable and forest friendly. 

Good for the environment. Great for you.



Recyclable     Easy-open tear strips FSC ® certified Fits Through Letterbox
Protective Book wrap Mailers

The newest addition to our line up are these fantastic book wrap mailers. 

Variable depth allows them to snugly fit around however many records are ordered, which means the same tight fit. A tight fit means no wiggle room, not just protecting the corners of the sleeves but also preventing any bending.

The protection doesn't stop there. 

The design of the book wrap means that the records themselves are housed inside the packaging, so if your package is dropped in transit, the outside shell will take the impact while your records will be safe and sound within the interior shell.


Recyclable     Fits Through Letterbox Variable Depth
Card Box & Biodegradable loose fill

Holding up to 30 records, these boxes are not only strong, but also 100% recyclable while the FSC certification is evidence of responsible sourcing of the cardboard that makes them up. 

To protect records from movement in transit, we use loose fill. These form a barrier between the records and all sides of the box, preventing folded corners and more serious shocks while in transit. 

However, loose fill is traditionally made from polystyrene, so protecting valuables comes at the cost of a very slowly biodegrading product that litters shorelines across the world. 

That's why we've chosen eco-loose fill. Made from starch and 100% biodegradable, EcoFlo is independently proven to offer better all round protection than polystyrene loosefill. Plus, if it makes its way into water systems it breaks down into nothing, helping to rid the world of unsightly and damaging plastic pollution.




Recyclable     Biodegradable  FSC ® certified
Bubble-Lined Envelopes


The thought doesn't just stop at records. 

Spindles are very delicate items too, which is why we use bubble-lined envelopes for extra protection. As an environmental bonus, they're also 100% recyclable. 

Inside that, each pack comes within a large polythene sleeve - a by-product of producing the polythene sleeves we use to ship with every single one of our records. Using them avoids hundreds of plastic sleeves entering the waste system every year.