Charity work

From Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas Time?" to Ferry Aid's "Let It Be", over the last 30 years or so there's been a steady stream of records released with the sole intention of raising money for a huge variety of great causes. Sadly, when it comes to resale the charities don't see a penny.

Not with Atlas.

We're proud to introduce you to our charity scheme which ensures that the original beneficiaries continue to benefit every time we sell a charity record. Every single record that originally benefitted a charity, whether it was a cut of the profits or the whole revenue, will benefit a charity once again when you buy from us, either through eBay or on our website. It's really simple; you buy a charity record and we'll donate between 10% & 100% of the sale to either the charity that would have originally benefitted or one doing very similar work. If you want to know which charity will benefit or the exact donation percentage then this information will be available on the product page of the record in question - just look for the 'charity' tab. To see all of our records for sale that will benefit charity please click here!

Atlas has been running this scheme for over a year now and thanks to you more than 10 charities have benefitted. From Cancer Research UK & the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group who are doing fantastic work in the UK to Link Ethiopia and the British Red Cross who are supporting people across the world. Over the next year we want to triple that number, increasing the variety of charities we're supporting as well as bumping up the amount of money that you help us donate. 

So, on behalf of all of the charities below: thank you for your support!



Just click on a link below to take a look at the work of some of charities we've supported in the last year.